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My website design style is minimalist and to the point. A site should be beautiful and engaging at first sight. Content should be very explicit and easy to grasp. My career as a Marketing professional has allowed me to develop my creative skills both as a writer as well as a designer. I worked designing annual reports, newsletters, flyers and ads for publication. When the internet began, I led the design team that created the first 2 websites for the bank where I worked. I understood what the user wanted and what the bank needed and designed the site and the navigation accordingly. Later, when I launched my own business as a Travel Consultant, I quickly put all my marketing skills to the test, creating not only my strategies but putting them into effect via my websites. I worked with programmers who carried out my design. A few years ago, I decided that I needed to learn HTML and CSS in order to modify my websites as I wanted. After learning these languages and basic web design, I began building sites for other small business owners. This is the road that has led me to this class. I now need to expand my skills to include Javascript and will continue to expand and renew my skills for the benefit of my clients.

I'm adding the following two links to test my Ajax Engine exercises:

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